About Us

TCD (Thai Cornice and Decoration Co., Ltd.) has established in 2012 with a passion to be a part of “Luxury and Elegance Style” for interior decorations.

The company was start off as a distributor of polyurethane mouldings (PU) for interior and exterior architectural purposes under the brand “Gaudi Décor”. In which the brand Gaudi Décor has been internationally accepted by international designers world-wide guarantee by 20 years of manufacturing experiences and international product reputation.

Gaudi Décor Products was the first in Thai market to meet higher standard in PU manufacturing ISO 9001:2008 and first to introduce Eco-Polyurethane (Non CFC and HCFC) mouldings that meet todays market demand for environmental concerns.

The growth and success of TCD today lead the business to one stop service for interior decoration.

With expertise in effective management and a staff committed to excellence in the field of decoration. TCD always capable to offer products and services of excellence to its customers.


Company Name: Thai Cornice and Decoration Co., Ltd.
Registered: 2012
Products Range: Over range of more than 3,000 designs
Product Standard: ISO9001:2008
Good Governance: Product Certified Non CFC and HCFC
Production Capacity: 250,000 pcs./ month

Wide range of stock available

We have up to 3000 designs

Our products certified ISO9001

Life time warranty

How “Thai Gaudi Décor”
becomes eco-friendly product?

A product that is green or eco-friendly product started from the eco-caring process and production technology that allows the lowest possible effect to our natures.

In fact most polyurethane product required CFC as a blowing-agent to make the chemical expanding in the injection-moulding process. However, with the latest technology and secret formulation (water based formulation), allows us to use water as a blowing-agent instead of using CFC or HCFC substances. “Thai Gaudi Décor” is the only one distributor in the line of polyurethane moldings business that is certified Non-CFC and HCFC products.